Trip Around the World Timeless: The Charm of Cherished Checkers

In the shadow of Hurricane Katrina’s turmoil, the quilting community has rallied together, channeling our collective grief into a beacon of solace through the “Trip Around the World” quilt. This project isn’t just about crafting; it’s about creating a quilt that wraps the survivors in a tapestry of care.

As a quilter who has seen the devastation firsthand, I’ve joined the movement, responding to the call for quilts with a “Trip Around the World” quilt that embodies both comfort and hope.


The “Trip Around the World” Quilt: A Response to Call for Aid

The journey of each “Trip Around the World” quilt begins with a single stitch and an intention to heal. When a fellow quilter reached out with the idea of adapting the “Streak of Sunshine” pattern to create a twin-sized “Trip Around the World” quilt, it was a concept ripe with potential. The challenge was to ensure the “Trip Around the World” quilt met the specific needs for size while embodying the spirit of generosity that has come to define our community’s response to the disaster.

Discovering a Unique “Trip Around the World” Quilt Path

My quest to create a unique “Trip Around the World” quilt led to an extensive search online for existing patterns. While strip pieced “Trip Around the World” quilt instructions were scarce, the journey brought me back to familiar territory—my own “Scrappy Trips” pattern. This realization was a sign: it was time to chart a new course and introduce a novel “Trip Around the World” quilt pattern to the digital world.

The “Trip Around the World” quilt pattern here is dedicated solely to twin-size creations, reflecting the pressing need for quilts of this size. This article is an invitation to all quilters to join in crafting a “Trip Around the World” quilt, to offer a symbol of unity and comfort to those who have lost so much.

Trip Around The World

Full Pattern: Click Here

Preparing the “Trip Around the World” Quilt: Gathering Materials

The “Trip Around the World” quilt requires precise measurements and a heartfelt selection of fabrics:

  • Eight 4″ wide strips from four different fabrics, cut selvage to selvage, form the essence of the “Trip Around the World” quilt’s core.
  • An additional four 4″ strips from a fifth coordinating fabric complete the quilt’s central panels.

Opting for a five-fabric or a nine-fabric approach, the “Trip Around the World” quilt is versatile and adaptable, with each version weaving a distinct story.

Piecing Together Panels of Purpose

As the quilt begins to take shape, each strip becomes a symbol of the journey from devastation to hope. The process is not just about creating a quilt; it’s about weaving together stories of survival and perseverance.

The assembly of the quilt is where precision meets passion. Organizing the strips into pleasing arrays and stitching together eight identical panels, the quilt starts to reveal its intended design. It’s crucial, at this stage, to be mindful of the order and orientation of each strip to maintain the pattern’s integrity.

Perhaps the most symbolic step in this quilt’s assembly is the selective unpicking of the circle-loops. This action, akin to opening a path where there was none, mirrors the rebuilding process after the hurricane. Each opened loop creates a new layer in the pattern, a stair step that brings the quilt closer to completion.

Building Up and Down: Constructing the Quilt

The quilt is an exercise in duality, with two identical halves mirroring each other. One half stair-steps down while the other climbs up, a representation of the struggles and triumphs experienced by those the quilt is intended for. Each panel is carefully aligned and joined, taking shape as a cohesive whole.

Before the final seams are sewn, the quilt halves are laid out to visualize the emerging pattern. This step is not just about ensuring accuracy, but also about appreciating the beauty of the craft and the impact of the quilt.

The Final Stitches: Completing the Global Embrace

With the quilt halves mirror-imaging each other, the journey nears its end. Yet, these final steps are where the quilt truly takes form, embodying the spirit of unity and comfort it’s meant to provide.

The center strip acts as the bridge between the halves, the final link that unites the quilt’s world. The process of aligning and joining the center strip to each half is done with care, ensuring the pattern flows uninterrupted—a metaphor for the continuous outpouring of support from quilters everywhere.

Upon reaching the center’s completion, a discovery is made—the possibility to extend the quilt’s embrace. The remaining circle-loop-strips are unfurled and added to the quilt’s top and bottom, expanding its reach. This extension not only enlarges the quilt but also the amount of comfort it provides, a small but meaningful addition to its purpose.

Borders: Defining Edges and Expectations

A quilt without borders is like a story without an ending. The addition of a 2″ cut inner border and a 5″ cut outer border frames the “Trip Around the World” quilt, giving it definition and presence. As the borders are stitched, the quilt’s top finishes at a generous 72″X85″, a size that promises warmth and solace.

Conservation and Creativity: A Backing with a Story

True to the quilting spirit of conservation and ingenuity, the leftover fabric strips find a new purpose in the quilt’s backing. Stitched into one long length, they add an interesting visual element and narrative to the quilt’s reverse side, ensuring that no fabric nor story is wasted.

The Quilt’s Completion: A Manifestation of Hope

The final act of quilting binds together the layers of fabric, batting, and backing. Each stitch is a thought, a wish, a prayer for those who will receive this quilt. The quilting pattern chosen—a leaf design—adds texture and depth, symbolizing growth and renewal amidst the remnants of loss.

Binding the quilt is the last promise of a quilter’s commitment. The red-and-brown print binding strips are carefully sewn around the quilt’s edges, sealing in the warmth and encapsulating the love poured into every inch of its fabric.

Reflection: A Quilt with a Mission

As the “Trip Around the World” quilt is folded, ready to be given, it’s more than just fabric and thread—it’s a tangible manifestation of the quilting community’s spirit. It represents a journey of its own, from an idea born out of tragedy to a source of comfort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

This quilt is not just a gift of warmth; it’s a patchwork of human connection, stitched with the tenacity of hope and the colors of resilience. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the combined efforts of many can bring forth light and warmth to those in need.

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