Ease into Autumn Thriving: The Vitality of Vibrant Velvets

The rustle of fallen leaves underfoot, the rich aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the warm, embracing hues of autumn—these are the essences captured within the weaves of the “Ease into Autumn” quilt.

As the seasons change, so does the expression of our craft. This quilt is my canvas, the thread my paint, and the needle my brush as I craft a homage to the amber tones of fall.


The Heart of Ease into Autumn

Every quilt tells a story, and “Ease into Autumn” is a tale of transition and celebration. The crisp air of fall signals a time of change, not just in nature but within ourselves. As the trees shed their leaves in a final, fiery display, we too let go of the past, making way for new growth, new challenges, and new quilting projects.


To bring the warmth of autumn into your home, gather the following:

  • 5 yards total assorted dark red, brown, and tan prints for the blocks and setting squares
  • 1-3/4 yards total assorted light prints for the blocks and setting triangles
  • 1/2 yard red print for the inner border
  • 3 yards red-and-brown print for the outer border and binding
  • 8 yards backing fabric
  • 95×103″ batting
  • The quilt finishes at a generous 88-3/4 ×97-1/8″
  • Each block finishes at an 8″ square

All fabric measurements include a 1/4″ seam allowance. Remember to align your fabrics right sides together unless noted otherwise.

Ease into Autumn

Full Pattern: Click Here

The Loom of Time

In quilting, as in life, the beauty is in the details. Each cut, each stitch carries the weight of intention and the promise of the masterpiece to come. “Ease into Autumn” is a quilt that asks for presence, for mindfulness, as we measure twice and cut once, mindful of the legacy we create with our hands.


Patchwork of Patina

Autumn is a mosaic of color and texture, a visual feast that inspires the fabric choices for this quilt. The dark reds, browns, and tans mimic the earthy tones of nature’s retreat, while the light prints echo the soft sky on a misty morning. This quilt is a dance of contrast and complement.

Cut Fabrics

With precision and care, cut the following pieces:

From assorted dark red, brown, and tan prints:

  • 28 strips measuring 2-1/2 ×42″
  • 42 squares measuring 8-1/2″ for setting

From assorted light prints:

  • 4 strips measuring 2-1/2 ×42″
  • 6 squares measuring 13-3/8″, each cut diagonally twice to yield 24 setting triangles in total (22 will be used)
  • 2 squares measuring 7″, each cut in half diagonally for 4 corner triangles

From red print:

  • 8 strips measuring 1-1/2 ×42″ for the inner border

From red-and-brown print:

  • 9 strips measuring 8×42″ for the outer border
  • 10 strips measuring 2-1/2 ×42″ for the binding

Prelude to Piecing

Before the sewing begins, take a moment to lay out your cut pieces. Imagine the finished quilt and the joy it will bring. Visualize the harmony of the blocks, the way they’ll interlock to form a tapestry of warmth and comfort.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the craft, and let your passion for quilting shine through the very fabric of your creation.

Weaving the Fabric of Fall

The “Ease into Autumn” quilt is more than a covering; it’s a celebration of technique and timelessness. Now we embark on the journey of assembly, where our pieces find their place in the grand design.

Assembly: The Quilt’s Quilt

Assemble Blocks

  1. Begin by sewing together four assorted dark red, brown, tan, and light print 2-1/2 ×42″ strips to create a strip set. Press the seams in one direction for ease of assembly. Repeat to make a total of eight strip sets. Then, cut these strip sets into thirty 8-1/2″-wide Rail Fence blocks.

Assemble Quilt Center

  1. Lay out the Rail Fence blocks, dark red, brown, and tan print setting squares, and light print setting triangles on a large surface or design wall. Arrange them in diagonal rows following the Quilt Assembly Diagram, ensuring the straight edges of setting triangles align with the setting squares.
  2. Sew together the pieces within each row. Press the seams in one direction, alternating the direction with each subsequent row for a flat and neat finish.
  3. After joining the rows, trim the protruding points of the setting triangles to align with the long edges of the rows for a clean edge.
  4. Add the light print corner triangles to complete the quilt center. Press the seams toward the corner triangles for a smooth surface and trim the quilt center to 71-3/4 ×80-1/8″, including seam allowances.

Borders: Framing the Masterpiece

Add Inner Borders

  1. Sew the red print 1-1/2 ×42″ strips end-to-end to create the inner border strips, and attach them to the quilt center. Press seams toward the inner border for a defined edge.

Add Outer Borders

  1. Piece the red-and-brown print 8×42″ strips together for the outer border. Attach the shorter outer border strips to the long edges of the quilt center first, followed by the longer strips on the remaining edges. Press all seams toward the outer border to frame your quilt beautifully.

Finish Quilt

  1. Layer the quilt top with the batting and backing, and baste them together. Quilt as desired. For “Ease into Autumn,” machine-quilter Debbie Cramer has stitched a leaf design across the quilt top to complement the autumnal theme.
  2. Bind the quilt with the red-and-brown print binding strips to complete your quilt.

Harvesting the Fruits of Your Craft

As you place the final stitch on your “Ease into Autumn” quilt, step back and appreciate the journey. Each piece of fabric, each strip, and block you’ve sewn together captures the essence of autumn and the essence of your dedication to quilting.

It’s a quilt that tells a story of change, of patience, and of the beautiful simplicity that comes with aligning pieces to create a complex whole. This quilt, like the season it celebrates, wraps us in the comfort of what we know while whispering of the excitement that change can bring.

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