Bloomin’ Peaks Quilt Bliss: Crafting Comfort with Every Colorful Stitch

Hello fellow quilters, this is Julie, and I’m absolutely thrilled to share my quilting journey with you! My heart is bursting with joy as I introduce the “Bloomin’ Peaks Quilt,” a design that’s as vibrant as a mountain meadow and as cozy as a hug from your favorite quilt. It’s a project that resonates with the love I have for my daughter, who adores the outdoors and has a keen eye for bold colors.

When I first laid eyes on the Cuzco line, it was like a palette of her soul spilled onto fabric—rich oranges, purples, and greens that scream of nature and life. The idea of creating a picnic quilt that embodies her spirit was irresistible. Let’s embark on this quilting adventure together, and I’ll walk you through each step, hoping to spread the joy of creating something beautiful.


Ascent to Bloomin Peaks – Quilt Assembly and Finishing

To start our “Bloomin’ Peaks Quilt,” we dive into the world of color and texture:

  • Jelly Rolls: Begin by unraveling the two jelly rolls of Cuzco, letting the colors mingle like guests at a garden party.
  • Background and Binding: We’ll need 3 yards of Bella Solid platinum for a calm contrast and 4 yards for the backing, ensuring our quilt is as durable as it is delightful.


Full Pattern: Click Here

With the vibrant image of the “Bloomin’ Peaks Quilt” laid out before us like a canvas of color, we now turn our jelly rolls into the building blocks of our quilt. Imagine each strip as a brushstroke of paint, each seam a line drawn in our story.


Mixing, Matching, and Sewing

Start by mixing and matching the strips from the Cuzco jelly rolls into 18 sets of three, allowing the colors to converse and complement each other. Sew these trios together with the joy of creating a harmonious melody of fabrics.

Cutting with Care

From these sewn strips, cut them into 2 1/2″ lengths, like slicing through a rainbow. These small pieces are the notes in our quilting symphony, waiting to be arranged into a masterpiece.

Nine Patch Narratives

Now, take these slices of color and mix and match to create 85 nine-patch blocks, each a story within itself. The nine patches are the beats to our quilt’s rhythm, a rhythm that speaks of picnics under the sky and cozy cuddles after a day spent in the great outdoors.

Setting the Stage: Aligning the Blocks

Taking 10 of these nine-patch blocks, we align our rulers to ensure that the 1/4″ line runs through the center points. A stay stitch, a scant 1/4 inch along the cut edge, will keep the integrity of our blocks intact, ready to become the peaks of our quilt.

Laying Out the Landscape

With our colorful nine-patch blocks ready, it’s time to lay out the quilt, our fabric pieces transforming into a mosaic of bloomin’ peaks.

The Foundation: Background Fabric Prep

From the Bella Solid platinum, we cut:

  • 68 squares of 6 1/2″ for the quilt’s foundation, a canvas where our peaks will rise.
  • 5 squares of 9 3/4″ diagonally sliced twice for setting triangles, framing our quilt’s edges like the horizon frames the sky.
  • 2 squares of 5 1/4″ cut once diagonally for the corners, anchoring our quilt like the cardinal points on a compass.

Assembling the Altitudes

Following the diagram inspired by the provided image, we position our background fabric and nine-patch blocks. The 5 1/4″ squares form the corners, our quilt’s anchor points. The larger triangles are set along the edges, their points directing us like signposts along the quilt’s border.

Quilting the Contours

Now, sandwich your quilt with the chosen batting and backing, creating a layered masterpiece ready for quilting. I chose organic zigzag lines, mimicking the natural undulations of mountain trails. If time allows, consider big stitch quilting in colors that match the prints, each stitch a step along the blooming trails of our peaks.

Binding: The Final Border

With the remaining platinum fabric, bind your quilt. This is where our peaks meet the sky, the final frame to our mountainous creation.

Our “Bloomin’ Peaks Quilt,” now complete, stands as a testament to the joy of quilting and the beauty of shared memories. It’s a quilt perfect for a picnic in a lush meadow or for snuggling under after a day spent in the crisp air of the mountains.

As you fold the finished quilt, feel the satisfaction of reaching the summit of this creative ascent. Stop by Em’s Scrapbag anytime for more quilting adventures or just to share the joy of your own quilting journey.

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