Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging: A Beauty Dance of Color and Light

As I began the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging,” I was drawn to the vibrant Tonga Treats batik fabrics, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of color bursting forth from a canvas of light, scrappy backgrounds.

The resulting wall hanging, designed by Lila Taylor Scott and tested by Laura Boehnke, is a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when color and fabric intertwine.


Crafting the Mosaic

The materials were as diverse as the hues of a sunset:

  • Green batiks for the blocks, embodying the lushness of tropical foliage.
  • Orange and red batiks, capturing the fiery essence of a tropical horizon.
  • Light batiks in gray and cream, offering a soft, serene background.
  • Medium batiks in blue, gray, and green, providing depth and contrast.
  • Yellow batiks, a dash of sunshine woven into the fabric.
  • Dark blue batiks for the blocks and outer border, like the depths of a tranquil sea.
  • Fuchsia batik for the inner border and binding, a vibrant frame for a vibrant masterpiece.

As I cut and pieced each fabric, the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging” began to take shape. The nine-patch units, a classic quilting component, were elevated through the use of batik fabrics, transforming them into a tropical tapestry of design.

Tropical Crossing

Full Pattern: Click Here

The assembly of the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging” was a study in precision and patience. Each batik square was sewn together, alternating between the warm and cool tones, creating a balance that was both visually striking and harmonious. The triangle patterns added complexity and movement, guiding the eye across the quilt in a rhythmic dance.



The quilt center came together as a meeting point of X’s and O’s, a playful interaction of shapes and colors. The borders were added layer by layer, each one framing the quilt center like the layers of the earth, grounding the vibrancy of the batiks in a structure of beauty and strength.

Selecting the Symphony: Curating Fabrics for the Tropical Crossing

The second act of our quilting journey involves a careful selection of batiks, each fabric a note in the melody we’re composing. For the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging,” the fabric selection was not merely about color but about the emotion each hue evokes. The batiks chosen are a vibrant homage to tropical landscapes, with greens mirroring the lushness of foliage, oranges and reds echoing the passion of the tropics, and yellows bringing forth the brightness of the sun.

The Fabric Ensemble

Here is the ensemble of batiks that will bring our “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging” to life:

  • Assorted Green Batiks: The cornerstone of our quilt blocks, these pieces are the verdant leaves in our tropical forest.
  • Assorted Orange and Red Batiks: Like the fiery petals of tropical blooms, these fabrics add warmth and intensity.
  • Assorted Light Batiks in Gray and Cream: The serene skies against which our tropical tableau will unfold.
  • Assorted Medium Batiks in Blue, Gray, and Green: The shadows and depth of our quilt, providing contrast and complexity.
  • Assorted Yellow Batiks: Splashes of sunlight, casting a glow over our quilt.
  • Assorted Dark Blue Batiks: The deep ocean blues that border our tropical paradise.
  • Fuchsia Batik: A bold statement for our inner border and binding, encapsulating the vibrancy of the tropics in one striking shade.

The Assembly: Bringing Together the Tropical Tapestry

With all the pieces cut and our nine-patch units pieced together with care, we begin the delicate dance of assembling the quilt blocks. This stage is where our tropical vision truly starts to take shape, as each batik piece finds its place in the larger design.

Building the Blocks

Each block of the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging” is a microcosm of the quilt itself, reflecting the intricate interplay of colors and shapes. The light and medium batik triangles complement the vibrant nine-patch center, while the yellow and dark blue batik triangles add contrast and depth, completing the tropical narrative within each block.

Joining the Quilt Top

As each block is completed, they are sewn together with precision, forming the quilt top. The blocks are arranged and rotated to create an X pattern, symbolizing the crossroads of tradition and innovation in quilting. The quilt center emerges, a 40-1/2″ square testament to the beauty of batiks and the joy of creation.

As we step back to admire the “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging,” we reflect on the journey—from the initial selection of batiks to the final stitches of the binding. Each choice was deliberate, each step a note in the melody we’ve composed. The finished wall hanging is not just a display of quilting prowess but a vibrant narrative woven into a tapestry that speaks of tropical dreams and the artistry of the quilt maker.

In sharing this “Tropical Crossing Wall Hanging,” we invite others to feel the warmth, to trace the pathways of color and design, and to be inspired to embark on their own creative journeys. It is a testament to the beauty of batiks and the boundless potential of quilting, a true crossing of creativity and craftsmanship.

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