Monkeying Around Mastery: Crafting Joyful Quilts with Playful Precision

In the heart of every quilter is a story waiting to be told, and mine found its voice in the playful “Monkey Around” quilt. It’s a story woven from threads of laughter and patterns of joy, much like the stories my grandmother shared under a patchwork of colors and shapes. This quilt, with its whimsical monkey motifs and spirited design, is a celebration of the playful moments that brighten our days.

Monkeying Around with Quilting: A Story in Fabric



Quilting, for me, has always been about connecting the past with the present, and the “Monkey Around” quilt does just that. It captures the essence of childhood curiosity and the simple pleasures of a story well told.

As we prepare to embark on this quilting adventure together, I invite you to infuse your quilt with memories and dreams, turning each stitch into a narrative of your own making.

Stay tuned for the next installment where we will gather our materials and prepare our pieces, setting the stage for a quilt that’s as fun to make as it is to behold.

Monkeying Around

Full Pattern: Click Here

Gathering the Troop and Cutting Through the Fabric Jungle


Summoning the Supplies: A Quilter’s Checklist

Before we embark on our sewing safari, we must ensure that we’re well-equipped. Here’s what we’ll need for our “Monkey Around” quilt expedition:

  • Cream Mottled Fabric: The canvas for our playful primate escapades.
  • Tan Monkey Print Fabric: To sprinkle the essence of mischief and fun.
  • Red/Brown Polka Dot Fabric: For a dash of whimsical contrast.
  • Assorted Coordinating Fabrics: Each piece a vibrant part of our quilt’s story.
  • Piece of Batting: The cozy heart of our quilt, sized 67″ x 73″.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies: The trusty sidekicks of every quilter – from sharp scissors and sewing pins to a reliable sewing machine.

Cutting with Precision: Crafting Our Quilt’s Foundation

With our materials at the ready, it’s time to wield our scissors with precision and care:

  1. Cream Mottled Fabric: Cut into various strips and squares that will form the backdrop for our mischievous monkeys to play against.
  2. Tan Monkey Print Fabric: Slice into strips that will bring our quilt’s story to life, with each piece representing a chapter of fun.
  3. Red/Brown Polka Dot Fabric: Trim into squares and strips, ready to become the playful blocks that bring rhythm and movement to our design.

In the act of cutting, we set the stage for our quilt’s narrative. Each square, each strip, is a potential plot twist in our “Monkey Around” quilt story.

Monkeying Around with Assembly – The Quilt’s Climax

Monkeying Around with Blocks: Crafting Our Quilt’s Heart

It’s time to monkey around with colors and patterns as we piece together our quilt blocks, the heart of our “Monkey Around” quilt. This playful process is like setting the stage for a grand performance, where each block is an act in our quilting play.

  1. Monkey Magic in Four-Patch Units: Combine the polka dot and cream mottled fabric, allowing the playful monkey energy to guide your sewing machine.
  2. Assembling with Monkey Mischief: Align the four-patch units with vibrant squares, a monkeying around of fabrics that brings the quilt to life with every seam.

The Quilt Top Center: Monkeying Around with the Plot

Our story’s center is where the monkeying around really comes into play:

  1. Connecting Blocks: Let’s monkey around with the layout, using cream mottled rectangles to join the pieced blocks in a merry dance of design.
  2. Row by Row Monkey Antics: Lay out the rows, alternating them with a spirit of fun that’s intrinsic to our “Monkey Around” theme.

Borders: Monkeying Around with Frames

Monkey around with the borders to frame the playful scenes of our quilt:

  1. Sashing and Borders: Playfully add the tan mottled strips, followed by the expressive brown lettering and the cheeky cream monkey borders, each one contributing to the quilt’s monkeying around narrative.

Finishing: The Final Monkeying Around

The last steps are where we monkey around with finishing touches that complete our story:

  1. Layer, Baste, and Quilt: Sandwich the layers together and quilt in a way that reflects the monkeying around theme, adding depth and texture.
  2. Binding: Binding is the final round of monkeying around, where the brown stripe print fabric neatly encloses the edges, giving our “Monkey Around” quilt a finished look.

Extra Monkey Fun

Don’t stop monkeying around just yet! Use leftover fabrics for a playful hanging sleeve or incorporate them into other projects that capture the essence of our quilt’s theme.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Monkeying Around Journey

With each piece now thoughtfully placed and stitched, our “Monkeying Around” quilt is complete. It’s a fabric storybook, each page filled with the joy of creation. As this quilt finds its place in your home, may it be a playful sanctuary, a canvas for storytelling, and a testament to the fun we’ve had monkeying around with fabric and thread.

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