Simplified Elegance: The Glass Star Chain Quilt Journey

Immerse yourself in the calming art of quilting with the “Glass Star Chain Quilt,” a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the rustic charm of traditional patterns with the serene elegance of modern design. This creation by Kim Diehl stands as a canvas where each stitch and fold captures the essence of tranquility mirrored in the colors of sage and sea glass.

Located in the heart of New York City, the “Glass Star Chain Quilt” draws inspiration from the vibrant energy of urban life, yet it encapsulates a peaceful retreat, reminiscent of a coastal dreamscape. Measuring a substantial 72½” by 72½”, each step in crafting this quilt is a journey towards creating your own serene sanctuary.



Materials: A Symphony of Fabrics for the Glass Star Chain Quilt

Like a symphony, the “Glass Star Chain Quilt” begins with individual notes – the fabrics. The careful selection and preparation of these materials lay the foundation for the unfolding beauty of the quilt.

As we gather the fabrics, each prewashed and selvage-free, they are poised to harmonize into the intricate design of the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.” Every chosen fabric, every hue, contributes to the narrative of tranquility that this quilt embodies, offering an ode to both the dynamic energy of the city and the calm of the seaside.

Full Pattern: Click Here

Precision Cutting for the Glass Star Chain Quilt

With our serene theme in mind, we embark on the precision cutting phase, crucial to the creation of the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.” This stage is where our fabrics transform from mere pieces to integral parts of a harmonious whole.



Cutting Instructions for the Glass Star Chain Quilt

  • Begin with the cream mandala print:
    • Cut eight strips, each 1½” wide, and then crosscut into 200 squares of 1½” x 1½”.
    • Slice four 6½” wide strips, crosscutting into twelve rectangles of 6½” x 12½”.
  • For the blue vintage toile print:
    • Sever seven 1½” wide strips, crosscutting into 100 rectangles of 1½” x 2½”.
    • Cut three 3¼” wide strips, then crosscut into 25 squares of 3¼” x 3¼”, each divided diagonally twice for 100 triangles.
  • From the blue mandala print:
    • Cut five 3¼” strips, crosscut into 50 squares of 3¼” x 3¼”, and then into 200 triangles.
    • Prepare eight binding strips, each 2½” x 42″.
  • With the cream leaf sprays print:
    • Trim 21 strips, each 1½” wide, crosscut into 200 squares and 200 rectangles of similar dimensions.
    • From three 3¼” strips, crosscut into 25 squares, further cutting each into 100 triangles.
  • Using the green dotted hexies print:
    • Cut six strips, each 1½” x 42″.
  • From the seven assorted green prints:
    • Cut a combined total of 504 squares of 1½” x 1½”, and 32 squares of 2½” x 2½”.
  • For the cream serpentine swirls print:
    • Prepare six strips of 1½” x 42″, crosscutting into 144 squares of 1½” x 1½”.
    • Cut three strips of 4½” x 42″, crosscutting into 24 squares of 4½” x 4½”.
  • Lastly, from the blue polka dot ticking stripe print:
    • Cut fifteen strips of 3½” x 42″, crosscutting into 60 rectangles of 3½” x 8½”.

This meticulous preparation sets the foundation for the harmony of our “Glass Star Chain Quilt.” Each piece, precisely measured and cut, is destined to join its fellows in a beautiful chorus of patchwork.

With our pieces cut to precision, we now enter the heart of our quilting journey – piecing together the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.” This stage is where the individual pieces start to form the cohesive and beautiful whole.

Piecing the Quilt Blocks

  • Start with your cream mandala and blue vintage toile prints. Sew them together to form the star point units, watching as they take shape against the cream background.
  • Create the hourglass star point units by sewing together the blue mandala and cream leaf sprays triangles. These pieces will form the heart of your star design in the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.”
  • Combine the green print squares with cream leaf sprays squares to form a vibrant four-patch unit, each one adding a burst of color to the quilt.
  • Assemble the Irish Chain units by joining the four-patch units with green squares and cream rectangles. This will form the connecting chain in your “Glass Star Chain Quilt.”

Assembling the Quilt Center

  • Arrange the Star Chain blocks and blue polka dot ticking stripe rectangles into rows. The strategic placement of these pieces begins to reveal the intricate pattern of the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.”
  • Sew the rows together, pressing the seams for a flat, neat finish. Watch as the quilt center of your “Glass Star Chain Quilt” comes to life, displaying the fruits of your meticulous work.

Adding the Borders

  • Frame the quilt center with the green dotted hexies print, adding a touch of contrast and framing the beauty of your “Glass Star Chain Quilt.”
  • Continue with the outer border, using the various prints you’ve prepared. This final step encapsulates the quilt, enhancing its overall design.

Final Steps: Bringing the Glass Star Chain Quilt to Completion

  • Layer the quilt top with batting and backing. Quilting can be as intricate or as simple as you prefer, but it should complement the overall design of the “Glass Star Chain Quilt.”
  • Bind the edges of your quilt. This not only frames your work but also gives it durability and a finished look.

As you complete the final stitch and trim the last thread, take a moment to admire your “Glass Star Chain Quilt.” It’s a tangible reflection of patience, skill, and creativity – a serene sanctuary of fabric and thread that tells its own unique story. This quilt, with its tranquil colors and elegant design, is more than just a cozy cover; it’s a work of art, a testament to your quilting journey.

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