Creating Warmth with the Autumn Glory Star Quilt: A Harvest of Happiness

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a deep fascination with the changing seasons, especially autumn. The way the leaves would transform into vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow captivated me, painting the world in warmth and wonder. My grandmother, an avid quilter, shared this love for autumn’s palette.

She would often tell me, “Julie, each season brings its own story, and with our quilts, we can narrate them.” Together, we created many quilts, but the one that stood out the most was inspired by the autumn glory. It was not just a quilt; it was a mosaic of memories and colors, a testament to the beauty of fall.


A Journey Through Colors: The Autumn Glory Star Quilt

Creating the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt” feels like revisiting those cherished moments with my grandmother. This project is more than just sewing pieces of fabric together; it’s about capturing the essence of autumn itself.

The warm colors, the rustic charm of the Ohio star blocks, and the fall leaves fabric all come together to create a piece that embodies the season’s spirit. This quilt is a celebration of those crisp autumn days, a way to wrap oneself in the beauty of fall, no matter the season outside.

Embracing the Palette: The Essence of Autumn in Fabric

Choosing the right materials is crucial in bringing the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt” to life. The colors and textures of the fabrics used in this project are meticulously selected to mirror the warm, rich tones of fall. Here’s what you’ll need to begin your quilting journey:


  • Blue Swirl (5AG3): 1-1/8 yards for blocks
  • Brown/Rust Large Floral (2AG1): 7/8 yard for blocks
  • Tan/Brown Large Leaves (3AG1): 1/3 yard for blocks
  • Tan Hexagon Tonal (6AG3): 5/8 yard for blocks
  • Brown Fleur-de-lis (7AG1): 1-1/8 yards for blocks and binding
  • Tan Leaf Tonal (8AG1): 7/8 yard for blocks
  • Brown Nouveau Vine (4AG1): 2/3 yard for blocks
  • Brown Border Stripe (1AG1): 2-1/8 yards for border
  • Backing Fabric: 4-1/4 yards

Preparing for the Patchwork Journey

Before diving into the creation of the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt”, it’s essential to immerse yourself in the project’s spirit. Picture the falling leaves, the crisp air, and the warmth of a cozy evening as you select your fabrics. This quilt is a narrative of autumn, told through the medium of quilting.


Insights and Considerations

As you embark on this quilting adventure, keep in mind the significance of each fabric choice. The Blue Swirl fabric will serve as a backdrop for your star blocks, invoking the clear, crisp autumn sky.

The Brown/Rust Large Floral and Tan/Brown Large Leaves fabrics add depth and texture, reminiscent of the forest floor covered in fallen leaves. The Hexagon Tonal and Fleur-de-lis patterns introduce an element of sophistication and elegance, mirroring the intricate details found in nature’s design. Together, these materials will weave a story of autumn’s glory.

This project is not just about creating a quilt; it’s about weaving memories and capturing the essence of a season that brings change, reflection, and renewal. As you prepare your materials and embark on this journey, let the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt” be a canvas for your creativity and a tribute to the beauty of autumn.

Autumn Glory

Full Pattern: Click Here

Step-by-Step Instructions: Crafting Your Autumn Glory Star Quilt

Creating the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt” is a journey through the heart of autumn, with each step bringing you closer to capturing the essence of the season. Follow these detailed instructions to assemble your quilt, and remember, each stitch is a note in the symphony of fall.


  1. Blue Swirl Fabric:
    • Cut 12 squares, each measuring 5-1/4″ x 5-1/4″. Then, cut each square twice diagonally to make 48 triangle Cs.
    • Cut 80 squares, each 2-7/8″ x 2-7/8″, and cut each square once diagonally to make 160 of triangle B.
  2. Brown/Rust Large Floral:
    • Cut 3 squares, each 9-1/4″ x 9-1/4″, and cut each square twice diagonally to make 12 of triangle E.
    • Cut 9 squares, each 6-3/16″ x 6-3/16″, for A squares.
    • Cut 2 squares, each 4-7/8″ x 4-7/8″, and cut each square once diagonally to make 4 of triangle F.

(Continue this pattern for each fabric as listed in the Materials section, adapting the specific instructions for cutting to match the unique requirements of each fabric type.)

Block Assembly:

  1. Unit Assembly:
    • Combine 2 Swirl B triangles, 1 Fleur-de-lis B triangle, and 1 Leaf Tonal B triangle to assemble a unit. Repeat to make a total of 64 units.
  2. Pieced Block Construction:
    • Using 1 Large Floral A square and 4 units from the previous step, assemble a Pieced block. Repeat to make a total of 9 blocks.
  3. Triangle and Diamond Units:
    • Assemble Triangle and Diamond units following the specific combinations of triangles and squares from your cut pieces. These intricate components add to the quilt’s complexity and beauty.

Quilt Top Assembly:

  • Sew all the blocks and units together in rows, paying close attention to the fabric placement to ensure the autumn theme is beautifully represented.


  • Carefully attach the border strips, ensuring the design matches at the mitered corners. This adds a frame to your masterpiece, encapsulating the autumn spirit.

Additional Tips

  • Precision is Key: Take your time with cutting and assembling to ensure accuracy. This attention to detail will make your quilt come together seamlessly.
  • Pressing Matters: Regularly press your seams as directed to ensure a flat and professional-looking finish.
  • Enjoy the Process: Remember, quilting is not just about the final product but also about the joy and relaxation found in the crafting process. Embrace each step, and let your love for autumn show through your work.

Completing the “Autumn Glory Star Quilt” is like painting with fabric, each piece a stroke of color that brings the warmth and beauty of autumn into your home. This quilt is more than a decorative item; it’s a narrative of change, a celebration of nature’s bounty, and a cozy embrace for chilly evenings.

As you look upon your finished quilt, remember the journey it represents, both in the making and in the seasonal cycle it portrays. May this quilt bring you joy, warmth, and a touch of autumn’s glory.

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