Easy Brick Excitement: The Thrill of Creating Comfort

There’s a certain serenity in simplicity that I’ve always been drawn to, especially in quilting. I remember the quilt that lay across my grandmother’s guest bed, a patchwork sea of blues and greens that she called her “easy brick quilt.”



Its unassuming elegance was a comfort in my childhood, a constant in the backdrop of my earliest memories. Today, as I share with you the pattern that was inspired by those quilts I found in the endless scrolls of Pinterest, it’s with the hope that you’ll find the same joy and peace in its simplicity that I have found.

Creating this quilt is like reading a beloved book; you know the ending will be satisfying, but the journey through the pages is where the true pleasure lies. With every piece of fabric, a new chapter unfolds, bringing with it a story only you can tell. This “Easy Brick Quilt” is more than a pattern—it’s a gateway to nostalgia, a canvas for creativity, and a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

The Serenity of the ‘Easy Brick’ Quilt

In the world of quilting, where intricate patterns and complex designs often take the spotlight, there’s something profoundly beautiful about the ‘Easy Brick’ quilt. Its charm lies in the straightforward design, a pattern that serves as a gentle introduction for beginners, and a peaceful interlude for the seasoned quilter.

Each ‘brick’ of fabric, with its unique hue and pattern, contributes to a mosaic that is at once cohesive and inviting. It’s a quilt that asks for nothing more than your time and your stories, woven into each seam.

Gathering the Colors of Comfort

As we embark on this quilting adventure, let’s begin by gathering our palette of fabrics. The beauty of the “Easy Brick” quilt lies in its eclectic charm, an assemblage of colors and textures that mirror the diversity of life itself. The process is akin to collecting memories, where each scrap of fabric represents a moment in time, a fragment of joy, or a snippet of a dream.

Easy Brick

Full Pattern: Click Here


For this project, you will need:

  • A sense of adventure and a dash of patience
  • A sewing machine ready to transform vision into reality
  • Needles, scissors, and a rotary cutter sharp enough to define our dreams
  • A cutting mat and at least an 8 ½” quilting ruler as our guides
  • Thread that promises to hold our creation together, in colors that sing
  • A seam ripper, our humble reminder that even in mistakes, there’s beauty to be found

Fabric (for the top only):

  • ¾ yard of white or a background that whispers tales of tranquility
  • Approximately 2 yards of assorted colored/printed scraps, each at least 4.5” by 8.5” — think of these as the verses of your quilt’s poem

Backing fabric:

  • Around 3 yards to cradle your work, the unsung hero of comfort

Binding fabric:

  • About ½ yard for a 2” finished binding, the final embrace of your quilt


Here, precision is your ally. Cut:

  • 19 pieces of white 4.5” by 8.5” — these are your breaths of calm
  • 40 assorted colored or printed scraps 4.5” by 8.5” — your quilt’s heartbeat
  • 4 pieces of white 4.5” by 4.5”
  • 8 pieces of assorted colored or printed scraps 4.5” by 4.5”


Now comes the dance of creation. Sew together in horizontal rows, placing the white ‘bricks’ strategically as shown in the picture. They are the pauses between words, the spaces between the lines of a poem.


Embrace variety with at least 10 different fabrics for the colored ‘bricks’. Layer cakes, fat quarters, or fat eighths all work beautifully. Remember, each piece you choose is a reflection of your unique story.

Weaving Together the Fabric of Life

With our pieces cut and our hearts set on creation, we begin the most rewarding phase: bringing the “Easy Brick” quilt to life. This process, much like life itself, is a tapestry of straightforward steps and the joy of seeing something whole emerge from the sum of its parts.

Step-by-Step Construction

  1. Laying the Foundation: Start by laying out your ‘bricks’. Place them on your work surface, envisioning the quilt’s final look. This is the blueprint of your masterpiece, the map of your journey.
  2. Building the Rows: Sew your cut pieces into horizontal rows, alternating the white and colored ‘bricks’. Think of this as a conversation between the different elements of your quilt.
  3. Assembling the Rows: Once your rows are ready, sew them together. With each seam, you’re not just joining fabric; you’re stitching together a story.
  4. Pressing for Excellence: As you complete each row, press the seams. This isn’t just about flattening fabric; it’s about setting your intention, ensuring every piece lies exactly where it’s meant to be.
  5. The Final Piece: With all the rows assembled, it’s time to add the backing and binding. Choose a backing that complements your quilt top, a silent supporter to your colorful ‘bricks’. For the binding, select a fabric that frames your work, the final note in your quilting symphony.

Finishing Touches

  • Quilting: Whether you choose to machine quilt or hand quilt, let the stitches be as intentional as the fabrics you selected. They are the final touches that secure and showcase your work.
  • Binding: Attach the binding with care, binding not just the edges of your quilt, but also sealing the commitment and love you’ve invested in your creation.

Now, stand back and behold your creation. The “Easy Brick” quilt, a once-imagined design, now lies before you in full splendor. It’s a reflection of your dedication, a celebration of your craft. This quilt is a comforting embrace, a visual narrative, a patchwork of moments and memories that will provide warmth for years to come.

As you fold the quilt, feel the weight of your accomplishment. This isn’t merely a collection of fabric and thread; it’s a masterpiece imbued with your personal story, a narrative crafted not just for the eyes but for the soul. May this “Easy Brick” quilt be a testament to the beauty of simplicity, a reminder that in the world of complexity, there’s unparalleled peace in the basics.

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